Gordon Burke shows some muscles

Gordon Burke is our latest and greatest find! A frisky, wise-guy with a trouble making grin. He’s not too big and he’s not too little, and with Winter bearing down on us- Gordon sounds like he good be Mr. Just Right. Download the full video here

Muscle hunk Helmut Mueller

Not all musclemen are fierce, and hard, and brutal, and mean. In fact, very few are – but most look that way (which may be the reason you love ’em!) But on occasion one encounters a truly gentle giant – tall, shy, handsome, modest, big, quiet. And that’s the latest Muscle Hunks Exclusive discovery, Mr. […]

Presenting Ali Galani

We could not resist this beautiful hunk, so here’s one more guy from Muscle Hunks. His name is Ali Galani and if we didn’t knew better, we’d believe he walked out right from an Arabian Fairytale. Ali is famous for his smooth hairless body (even his butt is as smooth as silk). Muscle Hunks has […]

Muscle Hunks Angel and Manuel

Meet Angel and Manuel, two hot latin muscle hunks who like to show off. Both guys have such a perfect bodies; check out these great strong legs, rock hard abs and big muscular arms. You can see Angel and Manuel together in a full length movie at Muscle Hunks. In the full length Muscle Hunk movie, […]