Asian Muscle Hunk jerks off

Yet another MH delectable huge musclepuppy is the chiseled Ko Ryu. 18 months ago, he was working like an “ape” in a “famous” Pachinko parlor in Shinjuku. But once we set our eyes on this raven-haired boy with the hard body, thick powerful legs, smooth round bubble butt begging to be caressed – we knew we had to have him.

And that was before we saw what was hanging between his muscular thighs (careful though, you might chip a tooth on that thing – but sometimes a little pain is worth it…..this is soooo one of those times) We’ve added some all-new images of the succulent, tasty young Ko. Go get the lube, and have a pleasant evening! Good Boy, Ko! And wait until you see Ko’s latest energetic offering!

Download the full video here

Gordon Burke shows some muscles

Gordon Burke is our latest and greatest find! A frisky, wise-guy with a trouble making grin. He’s not too big and he’s not too little, and with Winter bearing down on us- Gordon sounds like he good be Mr. Just Right.

Download the full video here

David Jones jerks his uncut cock

David is a young straight lad whose muscles are just bursting out of his t-shirt and we can’t wait for him to strip off and show us the goods. You can tell David is a regular at the gym and has a beautiful lightly hairy muscular chest and arms! Some sexy tattoos along with nice strong muscular legs and an even thicker cock! Did I mention his gorgeous bubble butt? Watch David as he plays with his super hard cock and squirts his hot load of cum all over his desk at the office.


Muscle hunk Helmut Mueller

Not all musclemen are fierce, and hard, and brutal, and mean. In fact, very few are – but most look that way (which may be the reason you love ’em!) But on occasion one encounters a truly gentle giant – tall, shy, handsome, modest, big, quiet. And that’s the latest Muscle Hunks Exclusive discovery, Mr. Helmut Mueller.

Imagine encountering this beautiful hunk in the stairwell of your apartment building (or your back yard, or your garage, or anywhere, for that matter). Young Mr. Mueller is a peaceable sort of guy. We leave the heavy duty action to you – no doubt that’s just the way you want it.

Check out Muscle Hunks and see Helmut showing off his hot body and jerking that tasty cock in the full length movie.

Naked oil wrestling

Tommy Defendi returns to Naked Kombat with an 0:2 record. Tommy has yet to win a match here but he is unfazed by his record. Tommy has mixed martial arts training and has been working out hard-core to meet the rigors of a Naked Kombat fight. He absolutely refuses to lose today’s match against Dane Caroggio.

Dane is new to Naked Kombat but no stranger to a fight. With martial arts training and more than a couple bar fights under his belt, this tenacious newcomer has the confidence and swagger of an old pro. Will this be enough to take down Tommy, or will he be made to worship Tommy’s thick nine inch cock?

Check out Naked Kombat and see the oil wrestling game between Tommy and Dane in the full length HD movie.

Tony Da Vinci shows off

We are glad to have him back at Muscle Hunks. Here is Tony Da Vinci, looking even hotter than he did before. In this movie Tony starts out in a tiny Superman short which gives him a great bulge! He strips down and shows off his hot muscled body, his amazing cock and his hard and tasty ass.

Be sure to check it out in the full length movie over at Muscle Hunks.